Today some girls set off the fire alarm because they opened to door to hard and to far. This is the second time this has happened in the last few months. So I encourage you to open the doors slowly and not to far every were you are. Please it creates problems for every one not just yourself. Even the teachers are getting annoyed about it.



I wish school was fun or even chorus where fun but they aren’t fun and that is reality. I now my titles are small but that’s all they need to get it started. It tells the story perfectly but is a little short on details. It’s not always fun to type this blog but I do it anyways  because it helps get my stress out an my thoughts with it.

To Be

I would love to be a butterfly but I’m human. My name actually means butterfly in a different language. I’d like to fly is the wind, to be outside all the time, or even smell the flowers. It becomes boring when you now a lot but have no where to put that information. I’d like to be free and do things like feel the wind on my face a lot more than I already do. I would be memorizing to see and feel what a butterfly does. I don’t really like my human life but I’m pretty sure that if I was a butterfly i would love life.


Once in a long while life brings you decisions that aren’t easy. You might loose one thing if you chose the other but if you truly love it then do it don’t let this sort of thing take you back. This quot can be vary useful. In princess Academy it says,” Truth is when you mind and gut agree.


Spring is the season of new beginnings so don’t miss it. I challenge you, if it’s rainy tell your crush (if you have one) that you like him/her, if it’s cloudy make a new friend, and if it’s sunny outside do something with people you now to say I sill like you. This is my challenge for you, people I now, and me too.  We could all use a new friend once in a while. Please try and for fill this challenge.


Don’t you just hate big families? Well for one thing the showers take so long and with a family of 3 and over you have to fight for the time when you can finally take a shower. Then there’s the rooms not enough rooms that’s alright just let  some of them share one! Not the funnest thing in the world. Finally what is yours and what is theirs, I don’t now how it’s in your family but in mine we fight a lot of a verity of things but mostly over “what belongs to who?” It gives you a thrill but after a while you just want you stuff back. Be it makeup, jugular, clothing, ACX, deodorant, or bathroom and shower things.  All I’m saying is it gets old and fast.


The post Security is a great example of what people give up when it’s perfectly fine. I don’t like it when people can’t enjoy life with what’s right in front of them.  Please live life with all you have so when you die you have no regrets. My regret right now is that I can’t tell every one this so they can under stand that life isn’t about gaining things it’s about what you have in front of you.


Hi my name is Holo. I would like you to now why I started to write this blog. I thought that I like reading and writing but I never do it, then I thought about I have a lot of feelings about things but don’t have a way of telling them. So this is why I need to write this blog.

I have a hero but no friends,

I have a lover but no love,

I have a family but no one,

I have a pet but no one to talk to,

I have a lot but nothing at all.